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best engine oil for japanese cars you should buy!


before we talk about the best oil for japanese cars, let's talk about the best engine oil brand in japan.

can you guess what is the best oil for Japanese cars ?

Japanese car oils are many and diverse, so picking the best oil for my Japanese car is very crucial. this is why we've collected the best oil for japanese cars to help you find the right one for your car.
When you head into the automotive oil retail market, the first thing you shouldn't do quickly is to buy any oil for your car without properly researching its quality.
Because engine oil could be infected by external sources whether your oil is synthetic or mineral. another thing to take in consideration is oil specifications such as oil viscosity and mileage.

Best oil brand for Japanese cars!

Here you'll find recommended oil changes that meets the japanese automotive standards:

Nippon Mecha oil company

the nippon mechar industrial company has served the industry of Automobile since its first day in 1975, it holds more than 55 percent of the japanese oils market.
there is multiple other japanese oil companies such as power cluster, NEWEST, ENEOS and others that captured the australian markets. However, we recommend the ENEOS japanese motor oil that meets the USA automotive standards.

ENEOS motor oil

the ENEOS japan's No.1 oil company has significantly evolved in recent years by providing high performance oil lubricating products.
check ENEOS oil on Amazon here.
they provide a series of oils composed of :
  • gazoline engine oils
  • diesel engine oils
  • flushing oil
  • automotive gear oils
  • transmission fluids

Best oil for japanese cars

while searching the internet and reading tens of reviews, i found 90% of positive feedbacks has been given to CASTROL MAGNATEC STOP-START 5W-30 A5. I didn't ask why, but I went straight to read the product details and there I found all the answers to the questions that were on my mind then.

why castrol magnatec 5w-30 is so special ?

Today, normal car drivers perform between 15k and 18k start/stop engine every year. this action cause a microscopic wear and fatigue in the engine parts.
The latest performed tests on Castrol 5w-30 engine oil, a significant drop in wear and fatigue rates has been recorded. this achievement has been done using small molecule technology while fabricating the 5w-30 castrol synthetic oil. Castrol 5w-30 oil is appropriate for japanese cars that has a very high start/stop ratio. the intelligent oil molecules adhere to the engine parts and create a joint contact layer that protects the engine from sudden friction. 

which oil should i buy to my japanese car ?

In order to completely save you the time and trouble of searching an oil for your vehicle, we have gathered for you this list of the best two recommended oils for japanese cars :

Castrol EDGE 5W-30 C3 synthetic engine oil

drivers may use this fully synthetic oil in their japanese vehicles when performing oil change, and it has the following propreties :
  • Improves engine performance in both the short and long term.
  • Lowers deposit accumulation to optimize engine responsiveness.
  • Keeps the system running smoothly even under severe conditions.
  • Provides the highest levels of protection in all driving conditions and over a wide range of temperatures. 
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castrol edge 5w-30

Idemitsu Full Synthetic Engine Oil 0W-20

The 5 Quarts of fully synthetic 0w-20 oil helps the engine to gain more fuel economy, by combining two technologies.
idemitsu 0w-20

This oil provide an exceptional preservation against engine wear and fatigue by creation an isolation layer that protects the surfaces from deposit formation.
Idemitsu 0W-20 is verified in several japanese gasoline and diesel cars such as toyota corolla and avalon and exceeded the expectations of the customers.
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Is Eneos oil good ?

the answer is yes, it has a good reputation in the united states and reviews are giving it a push in the market. but i'd prefer to get an oil from a famous engines lubricant manufacturer.